Friday, December 2, 2011

Diabetes Blessings 2!

I need to be clear about something first...I am NOT thankful for diabetes, but I am thankful for the blessing that have come to us in spite of this ugly disease! I cannot be thankful for something that is so horrible because it causes my children pain, and frustration, and tears (and ME too). It can cause horrible complications and even death (which most people don't want to talk about or acknowledge). It is a disease that doesn't go away and you never get a break from it.

HOWEVER...I have been BLESSED with...

A courage and a strength within myself that I never knew I had.
To see empathy and compassion develop in my children way beyond their years.
Seeing Christ-like love
between my family members.
To meet so many new, incredible people because of this disease.
We have come to love our endocrinologist (who is also Type 1) and his wife (our diabetes care nurse).
We have had an amazing school nurse who has become a very dear friend.
We have amazing doctors and hospitals here.
To feel the love and to be the recipient of service from our family, friends and neighbors.
Boys that are very good at math and measuring.
A HUGE pantry (18' x 6') room that is plenty big enough to hold food and all of their diabetes supplies (there's a lot)!!
Living in the United States where we have access to good doctors, hospitals and medication.
The insulin pump...LIFE-CHANGING. Both of my boys are one the Medtronic mini-med.
My boys have each other - they don't have to feel alone in this.
A faith in my Father in Heaven and His plan for each of us. I don't know how you go through the day-to-day without knowing you are a child of God and the He knows us each individually and will never give us more than we can handle.
(although I think he has me confused with someone else) :)
The internet and blogs...I have turned to these resources too many times to count.
Prayer~I know that during those times that I have had enough and feel like I can't do this anymore, I can get on my knees and turn this over to the Lord.
Watching my boys live without letting diabetes stop them.
Nutrition labels on is so much simpler knowing exact carbs.
Measuring cups...I have a whole drawer dedicated to them.
Friends that listen (even though they probably don't want to).
Mostly...I am so thankful that I have my family (all 8 of us)!

Here is a video that I saw on someone else's blog and which inspired this post. I couldn't make it through without crying. The words are so appropriate and a wonderful reminder to all of us, because we all deal with hard things!

"What if your blessings come through raindrops? What if your healing comes through tears? What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know you're near..?"

I've cried too many tears to count.
I've had 2,176 sleepless nights. Maybe not totally sleepless - but it hasn't been the same since the boys were diagnosed.

I know that blessings HAVE come through raindrops and healings HAVE come through tears and because of 2, 176 sleepless nights...I HAVE felt Him near!


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