Thursday, December 8, 2011

HI it's Brenden...This post is about what it is like to have diabetes not just saying hi. First I just want to say thank you for posting some comments. I just need to say I can love having diabetes. If you get it too you will learn to like it. But I can also HATE IT. Most of the time it is right there dead center in the middle. I have had lows here and there and a little bit of hi over here but I'm really perfect a lot. I have to get off and go wash up for dinner and go CHECK MY BLOOD SUGAR RIGHT NOW goodbye(:(:(:(:


  1. Hi Brenden... its Kehli... your sister. I love that you post things on the blog and i love you SOOOOOO much!!!! I love that you like diabetes so that you can have times to enjoy yourself!! Your a natural when it comes to gymnastics and i am way jealous!! I LOVE YOU!!!! :):P:D<3:> :[ Wampire

  2. you awesome silly duck!!!!!!!!